MU has developed relationships with nearly 30 international healthcare and nonprofit agencies across 6 continents. We offer customized study abroad experiences that our college and high school interns develop, which are specifically aligned to their majors and/or areas of study interest.


Each location offers a unique and lasting experience, furthering academic and professional careers while purposefully serving communities and others in need. Clinical site locations are where nursing degree-seeking students learn and serve alongside experienced faculty, healthcare missionaries, college administrators, and other Study Abroad students while gaining valuable, global experience and serving the needs of disadvantaged and underserved populations.  

North America

United States

MU collaborates with various nonprofit and healthcare-related organizations to offer programs on a variety of health topics to community groups, schools, church groups and worksites. We partner and collaborate with many different agencies, hospitals & health organizations, non-profits, faith-based organizations and businesses in our community to promote health, health equity and reduce health-related disparities.   



MU partners with public and private  is a non-profit faith-centered organizations throughout Mexico serving children with disabilities and adult populations with health disparities. We've immersed ourselves into the communities we serve and extend our mission through partnerships and service to people in need.  


London UK

Every year businesses in the UK waste 3 million tons of food, while 8.4 million people struggle with food insecurity.  In response, MU has partnered with nonprofits to enable businesses to quickly and easily donate surplus food to nearby charities and community groups most in need. 

South America


MU provides health education services to the public in large, metropolitan cities, and have also worked in the rural communities to extend our health outreach to disadvantaged populations.  One village are descendants of the Chimila who have inhabited Colombia for over 500 years and fought for independence during the time of the Spanish Conquistadors. 



Approximately 30 miles from Lima, the capital of Peru, in the foothills of the Andes mountains is located a home for destitute ill children.  MU partners with a pediatrician who began an apostolate among the poor children of the developing world. The home receives sick children whose parents cannot afford to buy them required medicines or treatments to restore them to health. 



Our mission in Pakistan is to invest in partners that promote education in order to empower the next generation. We do that, by creating educational programs and providing necessary resources in underprivileged areas.We follow our mission by engaging local communities to transform families, churches, communities, and societies as our parters model transformation and our learners experience it in their hearts and minds.

bali indonesia.png

In the capital city of  Denpasar as well as in remote villages outside of the city, the residents are very poor and most villages lack education, access to clean water and even electricity. Due to the lack of jobs and opportunities, men from the villages must also leave to find jobs in the tourism sector, leaving their wives and children.  Our college has partnered with members of the local community as an independent initiative to sponsor a number of projects ranging from providing food, housing improvements, clothing, transportation, and health and wellbeing education and services.  

Bali indonesia