MCHS has developed relationships with nearly 30 international healthcare and nonprofit agencies across 6 continents. We offer customized study abroad experiences that our college and high school interns develop, which are specifically aligned to their majors and/or areas of study interest.


Each location offers a unique and lasting experience, furthering academic and professional careers while purposefully serving communities and others in need. 

*Denotes clinical site locations where nursing degree-seeking students learn and serve alongside experienced faculty, healthcare missionaries, college administrators, and other Study Abroad students while gaining valuable, global experience and serving the needs of disadvantaged and underserved populations.  

North America


*Anchorage Alaska

Downtown Hope Center


Downtown Hope Center: The Downtown Soup Kitchen began over 30 years ago in a garage, fueled by a vision to share the love of God with Alaskans in need. Operating out of a little red house on 4th Avenue, we provided nearly 300 cups of soup each day to homeless and low-income individuals and families. In a little yellow A-frame next door to the soup kitchen, we offered hot showers, laundry services, and clothing donated by the community. 

New Hope Ministries
New Hope Ministries: We are a transformative Compassionate Ministry with a mission to help people break out of the cycle of poverty through a Christ-centered approach of relief, rehabilitation, and development 


*Union Kentucky

Union County Health, Kentucky

MCHS collaborates with UCH to offer programs on a variety of health topics to community groups, schools, church groups and worksites in Union County. We partner and collaborate with many different agencies, hospitals & health organizations, non-profits, faith-based organizations and businesses in our community to promote health, health equity and reduce health-related disparities.   


*Monterrey Mexico

Tekoa Learning Centers, Mexico

Tekoa Learning Centers is a non-profit faith-centered organization serving children with disabilities. We are currently in Monterrey; Mexico and we are working to open a second location! We believe that everyone matters and has something to offer. To continue our mission, we are always looking for ways to partner with Christ-centered, conviction-driven, hope-inspiring, and life-giving tenacious-leaders.   


*London UK

United Kingdom: Plan Zheroes

Every year food businesses in the UK waste 3 million tons of food, while 8.4 million people struggle with food insecurity.  In response, PZ has created a food donation platform that enables businesses to quickly and easily post their donations of surplus food online, and for nearby charities and community groups to claim food, then deliver to those most in need. 

GDQ International Christian School, Albania

GDQ International Christian School seeks to provide a Christ-centered, academically enriching, international education for the missionary and international business community. We play a part in furthering the gospel throughout Albania and the Balkans. As a school, we also seek to partner with organizations that provide professional development for national teachers.


*Tirana Albania

Nur Sultan Kazakhstan.png

*Nur-Sultan Kazakhstan

New in 2023!

Dara Charity Foundation - Kazakhstan

Our mission is to implement projects aimed at improving the living conditions and expanding development opportunities for orphans and children with special educational needs, and predicated from the firm conviction that all children are talented and have an equal right to education and development. 

South America


Calgary Reformed Church, Colombia

Our church has its beginnings in 2007, when we began to work with the purpose of exalting the only and wise God, based on the holy Scriptures, through worship, the preaching of the gospel to unbelievers and the edification of the saints. We recognize Christ as the head and King of the church. The Sembrando Vida Foundation is our wing of mercy; It is a service that we provide to the community through the care of 312 children in 4 critical areas: Spiritual, Physical, Socio-emotional, and Cognitive

*Santa Marta Colombia

Peru: Villa La Paz Foundation

Approximately 30 miles from Lima, the capital of Peru, in the foothills of the Andes mountains is located a home for destitute ill children directed by Dr. Anthony Lazzara, a pediatrician who began an apostolate among the poor children of the Developing World. The home is called Hogar San Francisco de Asis (St. Francis of Assisi Home) and receives sick children whose parents cannot afford to buy them required medicines or treatments to restore them to health. 


*Lima Peru

Screen Shot 2021-12-09 at 12.04.33 PM.png

New in 2023!


H.E.R.O.Global - Guyana

The Health and Educational Relief Organization, (H.E.R.O.), is a humanitarian organization dedicated to providing free, high-quality health care and educational support services in needy communities throughout the Caribbean. Our organization implements its primary mission by conducting annual medical and educational outreach programs.

*Georgetown Guyana


*Lagos Nigeria

Unveiling Africa, Nigeria

Unveiling Africa Foundation is training and equipping Africans on the continent and beyond with the knowledge and skills that they need to solve Africa’s pressing socio-economic problems in a culturally grounded yet globally relevant way. For Africa to develop and transform herself, her citizens must know who they are, they must be proud of their heritage, intellectually attuned to the needs of the community and world at large, and have the capacity to lead transformatively. 

*Kigali Rwanda

New in 2023!

Medical Ministry International, Rwanda

Medical Ministry International (MMI) establishes and supports Health Care Centers in developing countries with the goal of increasing access to affordable, quality health care. As health care centers grow, they become largely self-supporting. Project Teams work alongside our in-country Project Directors and facilities to build medical capacity for the long term.

Kigale Rwanda.png

*Lahore Pakistan

Lord's Home Foundation, Pakistan

We believe in a world where every child can read. Our mission is to invest in early childhood education in order to empower the next generation. We do that, by creating educational programs and providing necessary resources in underprivileged areas.We follow our Lord Jesus Christ by engaging with the needs of this world; physical, relational, and spiritual. We believe God will transform families, churches, communities, and societies as our educators model transformation and our learners experience it in their hearts and minds.



Love One Another Ministries, India

Love One Another Ministries (LOAM) is a faith based ministry with the vision to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the neglected and unreached peoples in India through a multi-level ministry approach. Includes: Village Ministry, Church Planting, Schools, Orphanages, Seminars, Evangelism,  Pastoral training Institutes and Lay leader Bible school training.  Our ministry also does various humanitarian projects like offering women's sewing classes, village medical camps and literacy and tutoring programs. If we can raise support, we would like to offer computer training and help communities get clean water.

*Phnom Penh Cambodia

New in 2023!


DOVE, Cambodia

Dove is a local Cambodian NGO that focuses on developing emerging Christian leaders. Many of these young people are second- generation survivors of the genocide from 1975, and suffer from trauma as direct result of rape, domestic, violence, poverty, child labor, and abandonment issues.

Phnom Penh Cambodia.png
bali indonesia.png

Mission College of Health Sciences

In the capital city of  Denpasar as well as in remote villages outside of the city, the residents are very poor and most villages lack education, access to clean water and even electricity. Due to the lack of jobs and opportunities, men from the villages must also leave to find jobs in the tourism sector, leaving their wives and children.  Our college has partnered with members of the local community as an independent initiative to sponsor a number of projects ranging from providing food, housing improvements, clothing, transportation, and health and wellbeing education and services.  

*Bali indonesia

New in 2023!


Christian Health Services, Papua New Guinea


Inspired by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we strive to provide the best health care with dignity, respect, compassion and dedication in partnership with the government and nongovernment health care providers through health promotion, training, clinical care and evidence based research work.

Port Moresby Papua New Guinea.png

*Port Moresby 
Papua New Guinea