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Global Internships

Explore the world and take your education to international urban and remote areas while helping to improve the wellbeing of those most in need. All majors are welcome!  You’ll be playing a critical role for the communities being served, form new friendships, develop in your faith, and experience something only a few people get the opportunity to do.


Using a unique, three-phase model, we:


1) place our students in global community outreach initiatives working alongside professional educators, missionaries and business leaders,


2) support needed human and capital resources for our nonprofit partners while,


3) providing critical education and service initiatives for the most underserved and vulnerable populations. 


Each team, typically 8 to 10 students, is led by faculty and staff members who oversee the highest quality community support services through oversight of student academic outcomes and logistical services support.


Our Global Internships specialize in experiential education for students through US and international placement as a way to gain unique, hands-on work experience while serving the most underserved populations in challenging global settings.  Our primary aims are to resource our partners and their communities through educational outreach and support programs to increase the quality, availability, and effectiveness of educational and community-based programs designed to prevent disease and injury, improve health, and enhance quality of life.

During your time studying abroad, you will provide support for educational and community-based programs to improve:

  • Community wellbeing services through mutual goals setting

  • Prevention of disease and injury through assessment, education, and skills development.  

  • Individual and overall community wellbeing through educational programs to equip community members with knowledge and skills.


Examples of work completed by students spanning six continents in over 20 countries include:

  • Business, political science, and engineering-related majors helping to improve infrastructure in communities in need through construction projects and disaster relief as well as projects to support local, regional, and global economic development for local businesses.  


  • Healthcare, education, and related majors providing health education for children and families through educational programming in local primary and secondary school classrooms, adult community English classes, and professional seminars.  

  • Social and behavioral science majors helping to increase access to healthcare in underserved communities, providing necessary social services, and support for women and children who are displaced as a result of abuse and neglect.  



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2023 Travel Itineraries

Summer Session 1: June 2nd - June 16th, 2023


Saturday June 3rd: Students must arrive by 3:00pm local time for orientation dinner at 6pm

Sunday June 4th: Rest day

Monday June 5th through Friday June 9th: Study Abroad week one

Saturday June 10th and Sunday June 11th: Optional excursions/activities

Monday June 12th through Thursday June 15th: Study Abroad Week two

Friday June 16th: Final day and departure to airport

Summer Session 2: June 16th - June 30th, 2023


Saturday June 17th: Students must arrive by 3:00pm local time for orientation dinner at 6pm

Sunday June 18th: Rest day

Monday June 19th through Friday June 23rd: Study Abroad week one

Saturday June 24th and Sunday June 25th: Optional excursions/activities

Monday June 26th through Thursday June 29th: Study Abroad Week two

Friday June 30th: Final day and departure to airport

 Global Internship Travel Locations

North America

  • USA

  • Mexico

2 week: USD: $3,500

4 week: USD: $6,500

South America

  • Peru 

2 week: USD: $3,500

4 week: USD: $6,500


  • United Kingdom

2 week: USD: $4,000

4 week: USD: $7,500

Asia & Oceania​​

  • Bali, Indonesia

  • Pakistan

  • Thailand

2 week: USD: $4,500

4 week: USD: $8,500

Global Internship Travel Program

This journey will undoubtedly transform your life forever, improve the lives of underserved populations, as well as help to further yourself both personally and professionally. You’ll also earn valuable credits toward graduation while gaining skills that enhance your future employability. With study locations across 6 continents and 30 countries, this program offers a broad range of experiences for students each year. 

We'll work with you in all aspects of your preparation including safety and health briefings, travel, orientation, academic support, medical coverage and 24/7 emergency assistance, housing/meals, personal time for sightseeing, shopping, etc., and post-coursework professional application.  


Additionally, we offer: transferrable undergraduate or graduate college credit for your trip, academic and career advising, flexible tuition payment plans, as well as travel and academic scholarships.  Our experiential learning model, comprehensive on-site support, and English-taught courses ensure that your time abroad is the best possible!


When you study abroad, you’ll develop new interests and learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible. If you’re looking for an internship abroad, you can test drive a career, get real-world experience, and acquire marketable skills


Undergraduate Global Internship Course:


This course is designed to apply leadership and/or operations skills expected of a professional in an immersive experience through a two (2) or four (4) week global internship (three or six credits, respectively). The focus of this program is advocacy and critical assessment and evaluation of needs on the personal, client, community, and global level.

(Passport, visa, and international travel required).

See Student Financial Accounts Page for Base Program Costs

"Our love for others is our grateful response to the love God first demonstrated to us"
1 John 4:19

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