Blake and Teresa traveled to Monterrey, Mexico in February, 2021 as NuVision Creatives, LLC to begin marketing and business development planning work with Tekoa Learning Centers so Myhiah could begin the process for opening a new support of their vision to: "dream of seeing brokenness turned into hopefulness when children with disabilities learn their value and use it to change the world!"

Link to Tekoa Learning Centers

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Tekoa Learning Centers (video)

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Tekoa Photo Shoot

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NuVision Creatives

Myhiah Dotzler

Tekoa Founder

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Tekoa and NVC 

Jim traveled to Tirana, Albania in March 2020 to visit and begin strategic planning and philanthropic development work with Gjerasim D. Qiriazi International Christian School ,or GDQ.  A truly remarkable school, filled with compassionate, loving people who serve to"educate international children to have maximum influence for the glory of God in their lifetime."

Link to GDQ International Christian School


GDQ Faculty and Staff


Lower School (Elem.)


Upper School (HS)


Skanderbeg Square


Tirana Opera House