Community Updates!

Thank you for your prayers, kind words, and generosity toward our ministry for missionaries who wish to serve others in need, here and abroad!

Scholarships:  Five scholarships were approved since last fall, totaling over $10k in support for short term missions planned for this summer and fall!  These donations will subsidize the travel to help people in Ireland, Jamaica, Australia, South Africa, and Peru.  

Administrative Internships: We're connected with the career services offices at over 800 colleges and universities throughout the country and as a result, brought on two interns for the summer. Our interns are contributing to GEMF in the areas of Human Resource Management, data analytics, partnership development and philanthropy.  

North Cincinnati Community Church (NCCC) Summer Mission Trips: We are blessed to be able to provide travel funding support at our church for short-term missionaries going to Croatia, London, and Mexico.

Albania: In March, 2020 (right before the travel restrictions) I traveled to Tirana, Albania to help support an international, K-12 Christian school to provide fundraising and strategic planning support for the board and administrative teams there.  As a result, we've begun a long-term campaign to expand the endowment for capital improvements, scholarships, and education support.  

We'll continue to provide updates on the website and through social media...please like and share! Take care, Jim

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