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With an aging society, workforce shortages, and disparity in access and affordability to needed resources...the demand for well-rounded, experienced, servant-oriented leaders is at an all-time high. More than ever, skilled professionals with compassion and support are needed to foster community in an increasingly complex and diverse world. 

Every program is a blend of virtual project development in your area of interest through small cohort team collaboration that culminates in an experiential, short term, volunteer-based mission in collaboration with other national and international nonprofit agencies and organizations to support the ongoing support and development of under-resourced communities around the world.  We are a 501c3 public charity and depend on philanthropic support to keep the cost of our programs affordable so volunteers can continue participating in humanitarian relief efforts.

Our Mission: "Connect individuals who aspire to serve with communities in need."

Our Vision: "To build global community"

Our Values: Our values are grounded in human connection and care for one another.  We aspire to build a community where tolerance, respect, and care for one another are daily ways of interacting.  

Be honest - Speak the truth in love

Be humble - Do nothing from rivalry or conceit but in humility count others more significant than yourselves

Be thankful - Give thanks in all circumstances

Be gracious - Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another

Be compassionate - Put on a heart of  compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience


Experiential learning has significant teaching advantages, namely that it entails a hands-on approach to learning that moves away from the teacher imparting and transferring their knowledge. It makes learning an experience that moves beyond the traditional classroom and provides a more involved way of learning engagement.

All programs begin online, asynchronously, and facilitated by our experienced faculty and staff.  There will be scheduled meetings (live and offline) at various times to accommodate different time zones and schedules.   Program participants work collaboratively work with our faculty to develop their project, mutually determine outcomes for success, and begin planning for the travel portion of the program from the first day.  Once developed, the participant travels to the designated location to complete project implementation, collaboratively within a global team of other professionals.

Humanitarian Service Program Outcomes:

Upon completion of the course of study, the graduate will possess knowledge, skills, and dispositions to:

  • Demonstrate critical thinking by making sound judgments, which incorporate evidence-based project development, and advanced community engagement-orientation.

  • Integrate therapeutic communication techniques effectively with clients, families, and members of the community, using a variety of communication resources and methods.

  • Provide compassionate, culturally competent, holistic support and service in a variety of settings.

  • Apply compassionate and ethical managerial principles of leadership in developing resources to achieve quality outcomes.

  • Demonstrate responsibility and accountability for care and service delivery within a global worldview.

  • Pursue knowledge and expertise through continued practice, research, and community involvement to enhance spiritual and professional growth and development.

  • Advocate for excellence in care, service, policy, and practice using a combination of paradigms.

  • Coordinate client-centered, collaborative care using various secular and faith-based resources.

Our Logo

The Cross represents love, humility, and obedience and we give the same love to others that we have been given.  The message of the Cross remains a gift of love.  

The Shield is a classic symbol in higher education, representing knowledge as well as shelter and security.  

The color blue is accredited with being the color of healing and grace. 


The color white was used as the universal color of redemption and purity



Untitled presentation-2.jpg

Cavaliers were the virtuous warriors who acted as champions of righteousness and justice, and quite often they were noble-born individuals who lived their lives in service.


These individuals personified the virtues of camaraderie and exuberance and armed themselves with the acclaim and faith of the people in their communities.  They upheld that trust in all their deeds and through the goodwill they fostered, offered aid to others whenever possible; kept true to their word, and and above all else, defended their communities.

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