With an aging society, healthcare workforce shortages, and disparity in access and affordability to care...the demand for healthcare providers with advanced preparation is high. More than ever, compassionate Christian care is needed to extend professional support in an increasingly complex healthcare delivery system. 

This Foundation supports Mission College of Health Sciences (MCHS), founded in 2021 to advance the academic and professional preparation of others to equip wherever God calls them to serve. Every program incorporates an experiential mission-based course in national and international nonprofit agencies and healthcare facilities to support the personal, professional and academic goals of servant-oriented leaders to advance their careers.

The Mission College of Health Sciences has a unique, online, faith-based curriculum in accordance with its mission to support advanced degree attainment in a variety of disciplines and General Education courses are also offered to help satisfy additional requirements.

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Click below to view the: 2021/22 MCHS College Catalog for detailed program information, current policies, and course descriptions.

Academic Outcomes:

Upon completion of the academic course of study, the graduate will possess knowledge, skills, and dispositions to:

  • Demonstrate critical thinking by making sound clinical judgments, which incorporate healthcare science, evidence-based practice, advanced clinical and service-orientation, and a biblical worldview.

  • Integrate therapeutic communication techniques effectively with clients, families, and members of the healthcare community, using a variety of communication resources and methods.

  • Provide compassionate, culturally competent, holistic care and service in a variety of settings.

  • Apply biblical and managerial principles of leadership in managing resources to achieve quality healthcare outcomes.

  • Demonstrate responsibility and accountability for care and service delivery within a biblical worldview.

  • Pursue knowledge and expertise through continued practice, research, and community involvement to enhance spiritual and professional growth and development.

  • Advocate for excellence in care, service, policy, and practice using biblical and healthcare paradigms.

  • Coordinate client-centered, collaborative care using various secular and faith-based resources.

Institutional Planning and Approvals


*We are seeking initial national, regional, and state program approval & accreditation. Check back often as these pages will update accordingly

Mission College of Health Sciences

2021 Strategic Plan

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