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Global Education Ministries Foundation
"Supporting Those who serve others"

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Global Education Ministries Foundation provides philanthropic support for Mission University and we exist to promote greater wellbeing through international program development, workforce support, and humanitarian community services.

We specialize in connecting our faculty, staff, students, and healthcare volunteers to organizations where they are most needed to address factors that threaten health and well-being for populations with a core mission to promote health and serve the vulnerable.  These populations are often in remote geographic regions internationally, as well as urban and rural environments in the United States.  

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"We are blessed to be able to give back by providing opportunities to others so they may advance their learning as well as equip them to help the underserved.  We are grateful to be actively involved, as a family, in support of this ministry and the many people who are positively impacted from the tireless efforts of volunteers." 

We bring over 30 years of healthcare, organizational, and community service to this Foundation, and collectively support this ministry with grateful hearts through volunteerism. 

The Global Education Ministries (GEM) Foundation aligns their engagement model based on the World Health Organization's population health and wellbeing sustainment model to promote health, education, and serve vulnerable populations globally. 


In accordance with our Mission and Values, we engage to support underserved communities through a five-phase model:

  • PARTNER: commit to in-country partnerships which serve communities in need through state and national governments, nonprofit agencies, hospitals, and local healthcare providers; 

  • ASSESS: work with key stakeholders to mutually assess, define, and create, a sustainable health model;


  • DEVELOP: collaboratively integrate model to advance existing healthcare services; 

  • RESOURCE: cultivate additional financial, human, and technology resources which provide lasting primary health care and educational support; and

  • EVALUATE: through lasting partnership and community engagement, co-monitor health and education improvement infrastructure

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Articles of Incorporation

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IRS 501c3 Approval

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