"This trip helped me to be more conscious of being thankful for what I've been provided in my life....as well as the necessity and importance of serving others.  I am SO grateful for what God has blessed me with...health, family, home and friends and the opportunity to share that joy with others."  - Jasmine G., Mission Volunteer


The idea for this ministry started over 30 years ago with a desire to provide education, support, and encouragement to others and share the joy in our lives.  In 2008, Jim was fortunate to serve on a medical mission trip to Peru and provide medical care to citizens of a remote, mountainous village.  That experience positively changed his outlook on life, reinforced the notion of our great abundance in the US, as well as the great necessity to share love and compassion everywhere possible.  

Since that time, our family has deepened in our faith and commitment to help others through a servant's orientation.  We've been so fortunate to travel to many parts of the world, and have experienced the challenges of poverty and lack of access to education and other basic needs in these areas.  We've also seen the dramatic and positive impact of what love, compassion, prayer, volunteerism, and gratitude can do to improve others' lives. 


Our family has committed to share the blessings in our lives with others through this foundation.  Launched in 2019, our Ministry exists to build an endowment to provide lasting financial support to individuals wishing to disciple through serving on short-term missions within organizations that foster the sustainment of education in underserved communities.

We hope you are inspired by our story, register for an account and share your personal accounts from mission service, and get involved and contribute to our efforts to improve the lives of others.  


The mission of Global Education Ministries Foundation is to provide opportunities to individuals seeking greater fulfillment on short-term mission trips.  Through our endowment, we provide financial support to individuals wishing to serve local and international agencies that minister to the educational needs of families in disadvantaged communities.


The vision of Global Education Ministries Foundation is to financially support individuals who serve to empower communities in need.  


Learner-Oriented: Continually create and support an environment of learning

Education-Focused: Provide relevant education for the communities we serve

Accountable: Be ethical, honest, and transparent


Responsible: Serve our partners in education with integrity

Novel: Foster an innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial culture

James Hauschildt (link)

 pictured with wife (Kianna), daughter (Lauren), and son (Andrew) Co-Founders

Dr. Hauschildt has traveled extensively, served on multiple medical and humanitarian missions globally, and the experiences transformed his life personally and professionally.  His career in healthcare and higher education spans over 25 years in a variety of executive roles to his current position as Philanthropist and Board Chair for this Ministry. He’s served our nation’s Air Force as a Captain, as a Sr. Consultant in the healthcare and higher education industries, and most recently as a two-term college president.  


He has an earned doctorate in Education from the University of Northern Iowa, postdoctoral preparation in Education Leadership from Penn State University, and has published and spoken internationally on the topic of applying active teaching and learning strategies in adult education. He maintains an active RN license, board certification in Nursing Informatics, and active status as a Regional Higher Education Accreditation Peer Reviewer and Team Leader.

"Our family is blessed to be able to give back by providing opportunities to others so they may serve on a mission.  We are grateful to be actively involved, as a family, in support of this ministry and in the planning & coordination of projects." - JH

The Governing Board of Directors is the decision-making body for GEMF. Directors who sit on the board are responsible for overseeing the organization’s activities and meet regularly to discuss and vote on the affairs of the organization.

Governing Board Directors:

James, Kianna, Lauren, and Andrew Hauschildt


The Advisory Board is the body that provides informal, strategic advice to the Board of GEMF.  Members of the advisory board do not have the legal responsibility to vote on corporate matters nor do they bear fiduciary responsibility. 

Advisory Board Members (listed alphabetically):

David Hauschildt

Matthew Hauschildt

Kim Howell

Ryan Howell

Chad Lorenc

Toby Lorenc

Lisa Skokowski

Whitney Tenboer

Michelle Wood

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