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Consumer Advocacy and Reporting:




Privacy of Student Records – Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

  • A student must provide a signed and dated written consent before the College can disclose personally identifiable information from the student’s education records. The written consent must specify the records that may be disclosed, state the purpose of the disclosure, and identify the party or class of parties to whom the disclosure may be made, and must be signed and dated. For information regarding the Permission to Release Information policies please contact the Business Office. Refer to the FERPA Policy in the College Catalog.

  • Student health information and records is obtained and maintained only by College Staff according to HIPPA regulations. 

  • Safeguarding Consumer Information – All customer information is safeguarded. The safeguards achieve the following objectives:

    • Insures the security and confidentiality of customer information

    • Protects against any anticipated threats or hazards to the security or integrity of such information

    • Protects against unauthorized access to or use of such information that could result in substantial harm or inconvenience to any customer

Facilities and Services for Students with Disabilities

  • Disability Accommodations – Information on services available to students with disabilities, including students with intellectual disabilities can be accessed in the Catalog or by calling the Business Office.


Student Diversity

Student Diversity Demographic Information is provided in the tables on this page, below.




Cost of Attendance

  • Tuition and Fees – Current Tuition and Fees Schedule can be accessed at the Student Financial Information page. Tuition and fees are reviewed annually and approved by the College Board. Approved tuition and fees are published July 1st each year.


Refund Policy and Requirements for Withdrawal from a class or program

  • Withdrawing from a class – The policies, information, and requirements for withdrawing from a class can be found in the College Catalog.

  • Refund Policy – Students may be eligible for refunds once the course(s) have been officially dropped/withdrawn, and the policy can be found in the College Catalog.  


Educational Program

  • Mission University offers programs of study at undergraduate and graduate levels, several with licensure requirements for admission. Click Academics for more information.



  • Administrative offices are located at 1299 Farnam St. Suite 300; Omaha, NE 68102

  • All courses, as well as student and instructional support resources, are offered online.


Faculty and Staff

  • A list of Faculty and Staff can be found at the Directory



Transfer of Credit Policies and Articulation Agreements

  • Transfer information – Information regarding the transferring of academic credit from one institution to another can be found in the Catalog and by contacting the College Business Office.


Accreditation, Approval, and Licensure of Institution and Programs

  • Information about accreditation can be found in the Catalog.  


Computer Use and File Sharing

We are committed to complying with all federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and policies governing electronic communications, and also to the safe, appropriate, educational use of information. 


Technical Requirements for coursework

It is required that all students have access to a personal computer and internet outside of classroom hours. 


Other Institutional Information

  • College Navigator – To utilize the College Navigator

  • Student Demographic – For information regarding the College's student body demographic information, see the table below.

  • Academic Programs – Academic programs are listed on our site at the Academics

  • Accreditation Information – A list of associations, agencies or governmental bodies that accredit, approve, or license our programs can be found at Academic Programs page. Mission will make available for review to any enrolled or prospective student upon request, information describing the institution’s accreditation and its State, Federal, or specialty licensing.

  • Complaint Process – Information regarding the filing of complaints can be found on our site under Student Advocacy page or Title IX

  • Misrepresentation – MU is prohibited under federal regulations from making any false, erroneous, or misleading statement directly or indirectly to a student, prospective student, any member of the public, an accrediting agency, a state agency, or the Department of Education. The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) title 34 sections Subpart F, 668.71-74 addresses the issue of misrepresentation on the part of the College. Information about Misrepresentation can be accessed in the College Catalog



Student Outcomes

Graduation Rates, Job Placement Rates for Graduates, Retention Rate, Transfer-Out Rates

  • All required Student-Right-to-Know and required programmatic accreditation reporting data related to student outcomes (Transfer Out, Program Completion/Graduation, Retention, etc.) are located on the IPEDS website. 

  • This page identifies pertinent sources of information and reporting parameters.

2021/22: Institutional Reporting -- year of initial organization/founding (





Faculty and Staff (--)

Full Time:     Part Time:  

Male:     Female:   

Student Residency (--)

NE:     Other state: 

Non-Resident Alien: 

Applicant Total (--)

Applied:  Admitted:  Enrolled: 

Male:     Female: 

Retention/Graduation Total (--)

Retention:    Graduation: 

Male:     Female: 

Enrollment Total (--)

Full Time:     Part Time: 

Male:     Female:  

Degrees Awarded (--)


Male:     Female:  

View the 2022/23 College Catalog, containing program information, current policies, and course descriptions.

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